Arjan's Haze 1

An extraordinary champion for the most demanding cannabis growers, Arjan’s Haze 1 produces massive buds, superior quality and spectacular THC concentration. This highly productive and very potent strain can provide a harvest as high as 1500 gr/plant. GENETICS: G13 x Haze TYPE: Feminized EFFECTS: Extremely psychoactive high, strong and long lasting. Spicy, minty sativa taste. Medicinally effective in pain therapy and appetite stimulation. FLOWERING INDOOR: 11 weeks with a yield up to 900 gr/m2. Large plant, good for LST. FLOWERING OUTDOOR: Production up to 1500 gr/plant. Ideal for equatorial, tropical, subtropical and temperate climates, needs support. THC: 21.44% CBD: 0.4% CBN: 0.64% Awards: 1st Place High Times Cannabis Cup 2004.

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